Ever wondered what it would be like to escape to a boutique casino for some time out from the everyday grind? Travelling to Las Vegas for the weekend is probably out of the question, but these days, you can enjoy the boutique casino experience right here in Sydney.
Boutique casinos are a growing trend across the world, as people look for a unique and intimate experience that’s more exclusive. Although Las Vegas has the highest concentration of casinos per square kilometre in the world today, it is said that the boutique casino movement started in Europe. Monte Carlo, in particular, holds some of the most unique and exclusive casinos in the world, set apart by their impeccable service, locations, architecture and décor.
In other parts of the world, boutique casinos are emerging as part of bigger entertainment, resort and club complexes, each with their own theme, features and flavour. Of course, not all boutique casinos were created equal. It’s lucky Lantern Club is here to set the standard in Sydney, and to lay out what you should look for in a boutique casino.

1. A great location

Our first pointer on what to look for in a boutique casino concerns three of our favourite words: location, location, location. First of all, it has to be convenient. No-one wants to endure four days in the saddle to reach their destination, even if there is a nice cold drink at the end. Next, it has to be accessible. If you need a compass and a guide dog to get there, and a homing pigeon and a pocket full of breadcrumbs to get back again, then it’s not going to be a relaxing experience that you’ll want to repeat often. Lastly, it must have lots of (preferably free) parking. The stress should end and the fun should begin as soon as the building comes into sight. Lantern Club makes it easy by guiding you every step of the way.

2. Unbeatable atmosphere

Next on the list of boutique casino features you must have is atmosphere. Atmosphere is a tricky thing to get right, because it’s made up of so many different factors, and what appeals to one person is not always going to appeal to the next. Generally speaking, atmosphere is made up of four key factors – music, lighting, people and general ambience. Your new favourite place to escape needs to have these elements in the right balance to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. It also needs to have a slight hint of exclusivity about it, so that you feel like a VIP every time you visit, as you do at Lantern Club.

3. Generous rewards

Almost by definition, visiting a boutique casino should be rewarding in every sense. A structured program, with many opportunities to be rewarded should be in place. When you play, drink and dine at Lantern Club, our Lantern Rewards program gives you one point for every dollar you spend. These points can be used to buy food, beverages, reward vouchers and more. We also offer a Reward Shop in the club and online, which offers exclusive member-only specials. Depending on the level of your membership, you can also gain access to special events, enjoy complimentary beverages, exclusive gifts, and entries into draws such as our Members’ Jackpot and Lucky 8’s (all members are automatically entered into our Members’ Jackpot draws and with Lucky 8’s, members receive an entry by swiping at our Reward Kiosk).

4. Personal service

The level of service you receive in a boutique casino is a truly differentiating factor, and it can make or break any venue. Great service is delivered by people who love their job and the place that they go to do it (just like the team at Lantern Club). They genuinely want to ensure that every moment you spend there is enjoyable. They make you feel valued because of the level of attention they give to your needs and your comfort. Great service is probably not delivered by the girl who’s frantically texting her bestie to find out what’s happening right now on ‘Married at First Sight”. Similarly, the guy who’s keeping one eye on the footy score instead of on your drinks order is going to score an F on this front.

5. Nice design and decor

Now here’s the point at which we agree that the 1980s delivered some great stuff, but interior design was the decade’s low point. You’re not going to feel like you’ve escaped the everyday in a boutique casino if it has the look and feel of the lunch room at the local box factory. Just to be clear, that rules out laminate tables and squeaky vinyl chairs that were even awful when they were brand new. The décor at a boutique casino needs to make you feel like you’re somewhere special, where you can sink into a comfortable chair with a favourite drink for a few moments’ respite from the world around you. Likewise, the rooms should be laid out nicely and the colour scheme should be subtle, not jarring. Check out the gorgeous surrounds and furniture geared for relaxation at Lantern Club.

6. Connectivity

Please excuse us if this seems like a no-brainer, but these days, data is currency and you can’t take it for granted! If you feel like catching up on email, checking your newsfeed on Facebook or posting a shot of your dinner to Instagram, we’ve got you covered at Lantern Club. We believe you should be able to do that without worrying that you’re going into extra time on your contract, or whether your 4G signal is going to drop out during your boutique casino experience. After all, dropping out is only fun when it’s intentional. Free Wifi gives you the bonus of being able to stay on top of things even when you’ve slipped away from the office or the kids for a bit of relaxation time.

7. Fab food

Number seven on the list of things you should look for in a boutique casino is fabulous food. We’re not talking about pretentious stuff that’s served in the middle of a massive plate and is gone in two bites. Nor are we talking about frozen pies heated to the point where they take skin off the roof of your mouth. Access to a café or restaurant that serves a diverse range of food throughout the entire day and evening means that you can settle in and truly relax in a place that feels like a home away from home. The Lantern Club’s MaZi Restaurant is a perfect example of this – quality seasonal food in hearty portions is served every day of the week from 11.30am right through to 9pm on most days and 10.30pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

8. Equally fabulous drinks

Relaxing in a boutique casino can be thirsty work, so having an extensive drinks menu to choose from is not a point you want to negotiate on. If you’re a wine drinker, then a comprehensive menu of quality bottles in all varietals will ensure that there’s always something available that you’d like to try. If spirits is your thing, then a wide variety of top shelf tipples should be available in abundance. For those who have coffee instead of blood running through their veins, continued survival will depend on quality beans and an expert barista who can get you that coffee fix, stat! At certain levels of Lantern Club membership, complimentary beverages are available throughout your visit.

9. Entertainment

Sometimes, you need to step away from whatever’s occupying you for a bit of distraction and entertainment. Whether that’s relaxing in the company of someone you’ll enjoy chatting with, listening to a live entertainer, or participating in a group activity or game, it’s nice to have the option of turning your thoughts and attention to something else. Only the best boutique hotels have quality entertainment and events for the pleasure of their guests, like we do at Lantern Club.

10. A sense of belonging

At the end of the day, we all want to spend time in places where we feel we belong. Anticipation of some friendly faces and great conversation are the most important ingredients in a place of relaxation such as a boutique casino. Being surrounded by people who are like-minded and genuine contribute to a sense of camaraderie. It shows us the value of belonging to something that is a focal point of the community – a place where we can bring others, or be equally comfortable visiting alone.

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At Lantern Club, we welcome members new and old every day with open arms, and we take a huge amount of pride in providing an experience that brightens your life as you walk through our doors. We enjoy creating an environment that sets a high standard in the Canterbury-Bankstown area for entertainment and leisure and we invite you to join us as our newest VIP.