You’re hungry and you’ve decided you want to find the best pizza in Canterbury. Sounds like a great plan, after all, who doesn’t love to eat amazing pizza? It’s one of life’s great pleasures, right? So what are the criteria for making the decision to buy the best pizza in Canterbury?

  • Amazing chefs
  • World leading, cutting edge equipment
  • Fresh ingredients

Many restaurants have one or two of these elements, but only the very best has all three. So what separates the best pizza restaurants, and how can one restaurant rise to the top? Any restaurant can buy fresh ingredients, while those serious about creating world-class pizzas will have the best equipment. So that just leaves one criteria, the quality of the chefs. Luckily for you, Lantern Club now has the reigning World Pizza Champion in charge!
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What kind of pizzas can you expect at Lantern Club?

The best pizzas in Canterbury, of course! John has a mantra that he lives by – ‘Keep It Simple, Stupid’. As far as John is concerned, too many ingredients spoil a pizza, and the hero of the dish should always be celebrated. His signature mortadella pizza will definitely be on the menu, while other favourites, such as his pork belly pizza, will also be available.
“Our pizzas are going to be phenomenal. They’ll be woodfired to the most traditional point, and I’m going to have a ‘modo mio’. That is Italian for ‘my way”. – John Lanzafame
pizza ingredients Best pizza in Sydney

Why cook pizza in a woodfired oven?

To show our commitment to making the best pizzas in Canterbury, we’ve shipped one of the world’s best woodfired ovens all the way from Italy to Lantern Club. After all, if the world’s best pizza chef is going to be making the pizzas, he’s going to want the world’s best equipment!
Woodfired ovens make the best pizzas for a number of reasons:

  • Rich flavours
  • Honouring traditional pizza-making practices
  • Super fast cooking with even heat distribution
  • Speed of cooking maintains nutrients and flavour

However, there is only way to determine if we do make the best pizzas in Canterbury. You’ll have to come and test them out for yourself!
Best pizza in Sydney

What else is coming out of the woodfired oven?

Woodfired ovens are most commonly used for cooking pizza. However, they are great for cooking just about everything!
Soon you’ll be able to also enjoy MàZi’s dreamy lasagne, woodfired porchetta, roasted lamb shoulder and a one-metre woodfired bruschetta. Woodfired ovens boost flavour and help retain nutrients, which is due to the even heat distribution. These flavours are impossible to recreate in a standard oven.

When can you get your hands on a woodfired pizza from Lantern Club?

We’re launching our brand new, Lanzafame designed, woodfired menu on Tuesday 29th of November. We’re anticipating enormous demand, as you’d expect when you combine the world’s best pizza chef with the world’s best equipment and freshest ingredients!
As such we highly recommend you make a booking for MàZi Restaurant to avoid disappointment. You can do so by booking online for a single table or larger group, or by calling 02 8037 8200.
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Post a pizza pic competition!

To celebrate the launch of our new menu, we’re offering the chance to win two pizzas and a bottle of De Bortoli Woodfired wine at MàZi Restaurant every week! All you need to do is

  1. Take a photo of your MàZi pizza
  2. Post it to your personal Facebook page
  3. Check in to Lantern Club’s official Facebook page

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!
We’re going to be drawing a prize winner every week for eight weeks! Each winner will receive two MaZi pizzas and a bottle of De Bortoli Woodfired wine. Yum!
Pizza competition
1. Entry into the competition is complete once an entrant posts a clear photo of their MaZi pizza on their personal Facebook page and includes a ‘check in’ at Lantern Club’s official Facebook page (/lanternclubroselands)
2. Competition period runs from 9:30am Tuesday 29 November 2016 until 11:59pm Sunday 22 January 2017
3. Competition is open to Lantern Club members and non members. One must be 18 years of age or older to be considered an entrant
4. Weekly prizes will be drawn. There are eight weekly prizes to be won. Each prize includes two pizzas from MaZi’s lunch and dinner menu and one bottle of De Bortoli Woodfired wine. Two ‘Add Ons’ per Margherita pizza are included in the prize if a Margherita pizza is chosen by the winner. The prize can only be used in the restaurant, not in the café
5. Each prize is not redeemable for cash
6. Every Monday morning at 10am for eight weeks eDraw software will be used to randomly select one pizza post as the week’s winning post. Only photos posted within the previous week will be eligible to partake in eDraw
7. An entrant can enter as many times as they wish during the eight week period. However, only one new photo per person per week will be considered an entrant.
8. Winners will be drawn on the following dates:
· 5 December 2016
· 12 December 2016
· 19 December 2016
· 26 December 2016
· 2 January 2017
· 9 January 2017
· 16 January 2017
· 23 January 2017
9. Each winner will be contacted on Facebook and must claim and use their prize before 10pm Sunday 12 February 2017
10. Entry into the competition indicates your understanding and acceptance of these terms and conditions
11. Authorised under NSW Permit No. LTPM/16/00913
© Lantern Club, Roselands