They call Australia the lucky country, or perhaps we call ourselves that. With great healthcare, education, weather, beaches and opportunities, one could say all Australians are lucky. But we’ve found a few Australians that are even luckier than the other 26 million of us.

Double Lotto Winner

We all dream of winning a lottery, but what about winning it twice at once? Well that’s exactly what a lucky Victorian man did in early 2017.
The man – who wanted to remain anonymous – in his 30s accidentally played his favourite numbers twice when he placed the bet online in the Tatts lotto draw. Sure enough, those numbers came up and he doubled up on the $1.3 million jackpot.
“At first I thought ’wow I’ve won $1.3 million’ so at first I was lying in bed shaking,” he told local media after the win.
“But then after an hour or so I realised I hadn’t checked the rest of my tickets so I looked at the next one and to my surprise I found that I’d played the same game twice.
“I wasn’t expecting to win once let alone twice.”
The man pocketed just over $2.6 million from his error and plans to buy a home, a Ferrari and take some time off work to travel and see the Seven Wonders of the World. Sounds like a plan!

Stephen Bradbury

Australians love a lucky underdog and no Aussie athlete comes close to Stephen Bradbury. In the final of the speed skating race in the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics, Bradbury was running dead last (fifth) for the entire race. In fact, with just a couple of laps to go he was lagging behind fourth place by about five metres. However on the final turn of the final lap, the other four skaters skittled one another into the wall. Bradbury calmly rolled over the line in first. It was Australia’s first ever winter Olympics gold medal and one of the most loved sporting moments in Australian history. From that moment, Bradbury became a household name and “doing a Bradbury” became a term for a lucky win coming from behind.

Back from the dead

While winning money is great, the greatest gift is life. But Australian Bill Morgan has won both. Morgan was tragically crushed when his car collided with a truck. He was dead for more than 14 minutes, yet he somehow managed to be revived some 12 days after being in a coma and his life support turned off. After getting on with his life, he went on to win a $27,000 car in a scratchie. But that’s not the end of the story. A local news channel asked him to re-enact the winning moment by scratching another card, the TV crew could only look in disbelief as he scratched another winner. How much? A cool $250,000.

Andy Lee

Hamish Blake and Andy Lee are arguably the most famous radio stars in Australia in the 21st century. The two for years have joked around for a couple of hours a day and within a few years the pair were travelling the world mucking around for their TV shows and earning seven figures while doing so. Andy Lee went from being a kid playing a little trumpet and hockey in high school to winning Cleo Bachelor of the Year, dating models and getting wished happy birthday 365 days a year. But even still in their mid 30’s, the pair are still just living the life of having a laugh. While careers aren’t always pure luck, even Hamish and Andy will admit they can’t believe how good their lives are.

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